Complete Divine Liturgy Book for Choirs and Chanters, v8.0

Based upon the 1974 Holy Cross text with hymn texts by N. Takis, this book contains both the major (Plagal
Fourth Tone) and minor (Plagal First Tone and First Tone) liturgy settings, the Resurrectional apolytikia, the
substitutions for the Trisagion, four Cherubic hymns, three Communion hymns, the megalynarion of the Liturgy
of St. Basil, the memorial service, the artoklasia, and music for the hierarchical Divine Liturgy in one resource.
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Complete Divine Liturgy Book: Official GOAA text & rubrics, chant
Based upon the 2018 new translation of the Divine Liturgy by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America
Eparchial Synod of Metropolitans, this book contains the features of the above book, but with the new

Complete Divine Liturgy Book: GOAA text and 3-part harmony
Same as the previous book, but with simple 3-part harmony added.


1974 Holy Cross Text with hymn texts by N. Takis:

The Divine Liturgy Congregational Pew Book  

Pew Book Hymnal Version (music only)

The Divine Liturgy in Three-Part Harmony in Greek and Modern

The Divine Liturgy of John Chrysostom, Greek and Renaissance
English in 3-part harmony and chant

The first Newbyz version, published in 2005 for the Flint, Michigan parish choir.
Kept available by request.
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The Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts

Music for the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts

In Greek and English. Does not include Kyrie Ekekraxa or Fos Ilaron (available on Vespers
page). Includes "Now do the powers," "O Taste and See," etc.

Pew Booklet for the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts

Hymns for Saturdays of the Souls

Apolytikion of the 1st Saturday of the Souls: O Vathi Sofias / From
the Depths of Your Wisdom

Apolytikion of the 2nd Saturday of the Souls: O Theos ton Patera
imon / O God of our fathers

Saturday Communion Hymn: Makarii ous exelexo / Blessed are they

On days when a saint is commemorated use the

Divine Liturgy Hymn Substitutions:

Trisagion Hymn for Hierarchical Liturgies with Tou Vimatos

Osi is Christon / As many of you as have been baptized    MIDI

Ton Stavron Sou / Before your Cross    MIDI

The 8 Sunday Resurrectional Apolytkia     ZIPPED MIDI FILES        

Kontakion: Prostasia ton Christianon / O Protection of

Epi si cheri / In you rejoices (Sakellarides)   

Epi si cheri / In you rejoices (Plagal 4, Anthimos)     MIDI

Plirothito to stoma imon / Let our mouths be filled            

Plirothito to stoma imon / Let our mouths be filled (Harmonized)

The Memorial Service (Mnemosino)