Here is an Anastasimatarion that has all of the standard music for Sunday
Orthros in all of the eight tones of the Octoechos in staff notation. It is all in
Greek, however, below the line of the text is a transliteration in English
phonetics. For a hand-written manuscript, it is very easy to read, as obviously
painstaking care was given for purposes of clarity and precision. This book is
by all appearances a lifetime accomplishment, lovingly done.

This book was frequently used in churches before the Kezios book came out. It
is now out of print and, as far as we can determine, within the public domain. It
is a remarkable book, in that it consists of 300 pages written out entirely by
hand. Nicholas Roubanis is well-known within the American Greek Orthodox
Church for the Divine Liturgy hymnal he wrote in the 1940's, which featured
4-part SATB music. Outside of the Church, he is best known as the composer
of the popular song, "Miserlou." However, his devotion to Byzantine chant is
clearly demonstrated in this work, for which he must have dedicated years of
daily scripting. His sources seem to be from traditional books, and not
composed or from Sakellarides. We've compared them to hymns in the Pandekte
series, and this seems to be a note-by-note transcription.

We have had several requests from people to make copies of this when they've
seen Nancy's copy. By making it available on the Internet, anyone can either
study it electronically, or actually print it out and make his or her own copy.
For those who have difficulty with Byzantine notation, this is an invaluable aid.
The book has been broken down into segments to simplify the downloading
process. An attempt was made to keep the size of the files low, but considering
the quality of the originals, greyscale had to be used, and the files are larger than
most PDF's. A sincere thank you goes to Jopi Harri of Finland who took the
original files uploaded here, cleaned them up, put them into black and white, and
lowered the size of the files.

For more information on the order of the Orthros service, which could be
helpful in the use of this book, click
Orthros Book by N. Roubanis
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ABOVE: The inside cover page of the book.
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