John Sakellarides
The rare Holy Week Book of John Sakellarides contains all of the special hymns of Holy Week in Greek and in Western staff notation. It does not contain litanies or common responses, so it must be used in conjunction with a text of the Holy Week services, such as the "black     book" of Father George Papadeas.
Sakellarides included some of his harmonizations, but they can be ignored if so desired. However, at times, and especially in Third Tone final cadences, he harmonized a third above the melody, so if you are chanting monophonically, make sure you know the base note of your mode. One can also ignore his penchant for putting everything into 4/4 time by changing certain half-notes into quarter-notes.
These files are fairly large to preserve a readable resolution. We have divided them into separate days for easier downloading, or you can download the entire book at once.
Here are the links:
Palm Sunday Evening (7MB)
Holy Monday (4MB)
Holy Tuesday (7MB)
Holy Wednesday (8MB)
Holy Thursday (19MB)
Holy Friday (18MB)
Holy Saturday (4MB)
The Entire Book (67MB)