New Byzantium Publications - Books
We are in the process of compiling the texts and hymns of our website into PDF books. Click on the thumbnails below to view each PDF book, or right-click on each thumbnail to download the book to your computer. For a hard copy of the books, put the PDF files on a USB flash drive or an SD card and take them to your local Kinko's, Office Max, or other copy center, and they will make the books. Make sure you ask for 2-sided images. We suggest you use a spiral binding with a clear plastic cover. We will add more books periodically.
The five books below contain essentially all of the hymns a Greek Orthodox church choir or chanters will have to chant for the Divine Liturgy every Sunday of the year and every major feast of the Church. They are all in side-by-side Greek and English, and all in the official musical system of the Church. Traditional modes and melodies are always used, and the English is always flowing, metered, easy to understand, and conveys the poetry of the ancient Greek texts.
The Fifth Edition of the Divine Liturgy book, contains a complete major (Plagal Fourth) and minor (Plagal First) liturgy including four different Cherubic hymns, substiitutions for the Trisagion hymn, and hymns for hierarchical liturgies. It includes  the Memorial and Artoklasia services. With extensive annotations and instructions. (126 pages) Volumes 1 and 2 of the Menaion have all of the hymns needed for the liturgy for every day of the year when it falls on a Sunday, and for the major feasts of the Church. These include antiphons and antiphon verses, entrance hymns, apolytikia, church hymns, small entrance hymns, kontakia, megalynaria, and Communion hymns. Both volumes contain a Typikon table with every date of the year and its order of hymns. (Vol. 1 - 216 pages and Vol. 2 - 226 pages)
Like the Menaion volumes, the Triodion and Pentecostarion contain all of the hymns needed for Sunday Divine Liturgies during the period of the moveable feasts--Pre-Lent, Lent, Lazarus Saturday, Palm Sunday, Pascha, the Paschal Sundays, Ascension, Pentecost, and All Saints Sunday. There is also a Typikon table in this book as well. (108 pages.) This selection of hymns includes most of the well-known hymns a Greek Orthodox Church choir might chant during Holy Week, including the apolytikia and exapostelarion of the Bridegroom services, the Troparion of Kassiani, the 15th Antiphon of Great Friday Orthros (Simeron Kremate), the Canon of Holy Saturday Orthros, the Lamentations, the Saturday Divine Liturgy, and the Katavasias of Pascha. (68 pages).